Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hello 2011

The best part about living in Orlando is obvious. Families scrimp and save and plan and wait and anticipate taking their kids to Orlando. Then they get here and try to pack it into anywhere between 2 days and 2 weeks and run themselves into the ground just trying to enjoy it all.

There are so many cool places to take the kids and in this gorgeous winter weather? Seriously, we feel SO LUCKY.

And we have resolved to really take advantage of it while we have the opportunity.

The kids have finally reached an age where they can successfully play together, and it is awesome. I am looking forward to 2 completely mobile little people being our tiny partners in what we do this year. These girls are so much fun. They really complete our family in the RADDEST way.

We are excited for what 2011 brings to our picture. 2010 was really quite eventful and full of surprises, and we anxiously await the cool things we will see and great places we will go in this next year.

We are just so happy to all be together and still like each other so much. I mean, we are ALL in this house together all the time, and we still enjoy hanging out with each other.

That's HUGE.

And hey! We like hanging out with you too! (Most likely!)
Come down to our sunshine-y land and visit!

We would love to show you around!


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