Monday, January 17, 2011

Rainy Monday

Wow. It's Monday morning and it is raining in EPIC proportions right now. I think it is going to be really good for my garden. Because I heard it was supposed to be in the upper70's and 80's this week.

Maybe Madee will get a chance to play her new game, a version of "Wack-A-Mole" that hooks up to the sprinkler.

The game she calls "Smack-A-Beaver".

This is the funny and weird thing about Florida winters.

One day it is freezity cold and you are all bundled up at the beach.

And then BAM! Get out your bathing suit!
And then there is the in between, like now, POURING rain.

Not drizzly, or sprinkly, just all out steady hard pouring flash flooding rain.
So we are all cozied up in the house today.

BTW? Great weekend of football this weekend, and guess who needs new Packers gear?
Cuz this is the biggest "little" shirt we have!

I kinda want to blow this picture up for my bedroom.

What do you think?


LCW & JPW said...

The pic of Charlie and the girls is my favorite. Also crazy weather we're having.

Jaime said...

I want a copy of the beach sign blown up too! Pretty please.

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