Sunday, January 9, 2011

3 Years

Um, and where did the last 3 years go? Not to sleep, for sure, so I don't remember a lot of it. Thank goodness Boom Boom got me that camera!

This entire week will be an EPIC TRIBUTE to Madelyn. She is that noteworthy.

Here she is in all her 8 lb 3 oz newborn baby Madee glory. What a specimen! Things I remember about being pregnant? Not being able to breathe. Watching "The Office" Seasons 1-3 all through several times. A lot of "Anchorman". Zoie barking at me if I got too heated watching some Auburn Football. Hating garlic. Loving ice cream. Lisa yelling "PRE-ECLAMPSIA" at oncoming traffic while driving me to the hospital. Brody sleepovers with copiuos amounts of AFV and giggles. More ice cream.

Falling in love with the most beautiful thing I had ever seen...

She was immediately and handful.

3 weeks old and I am pretty sure she still has this outfit in her current size.

Mothers of new babies?? Maybe you can't sleep, but sure as heck DON'T BLINK because before you know it, she's driving your car.

She's a full on person now, with dreams and wants and feelings. She is complex and scheming and beautifully artistic and she blows my mind daily, seriously, blows. me. away.

And I thanks my sweet Jesus that I still have little cuddly, unsure moments of this person, needing her mom like nothing else would do.

Because I just see so much of the person she is blooming into. This amazing, vibrant, sing song-y, enthusiastic, hilarious, thoughtful little person who sparkles in sunbeams and lights my world up like an illegal firecracker.

Happy Birthday my darling little big girl. You continue to take my breath away.


The Sears Family said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Maddy!

And Mama you are doing such a great job raising her. I have been secretly watching you with your girls...And I just wanted to say you inspire to have more fun with my boys.

Love you lots.


Anonymous said...

Love you my little lady. Happy Birthday. - Dad

The Corbett Kid. said...

time flies - it's true. i think the same thing. i hope you all have a wonderful day full of cake, candles and it'd be nice to have all those wishes come true!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Madee!

I'm glad Alexander and I could celebrate with you!

Adrienne said...

She is breathtaking. Happy birthday, Madee!

emily bilbrey said...

happy birthday, darling girl! you are a beauty and such a delight!!!


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