Friday, January 14, 2011

Roses and Cupcakes

Not everybody wakes up all rosy around here.

But after everybody gets warmed up and ready?

It's totally on.
This picture is for Auntie Jess.
Doesn't she remind you of Rachel?

Give a kiss, ladies...

I mean kiss each other.


Watcha got there, E?

MMmmmmmm, cupcake?

That looks good.

Daydreaming about more cupcakes?

Watch your back!

Cupcake Wars. Yep, I know.
Up to my eyeballs in cuteness. AGAIN.


The Corbett Kid. said...

so. hmm. i've never met you. have only seen pictures of you. and that last picture of madee? YOU! ahhhhh.

great pictures. you can feel the sisterly love. also: now i want cupcakes!

Jessica Van Derven said...

Cheese! Yes, E looks like R!

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