Friday, January 7, 2011

I Eat It

Last night was salad night, and a very special salad night at that. The lettuce was from our garden! YAY! It was our first seedling that made it to the plate, and it was DELICIOUS!

We topped it with grille3d chicken, golden delicious apples, celery, carrots and croutons. I ate mine. Then I stole Boom Boom's. I totally ate his salad and I don't even feel bad.

Other exciting developments?
A couple of bites of broccoli, just waiting to grow big enough to journey to our bellies!
This is like, actual size.

Last night Madee was scrawling on some paper on the floor and she drew this guy. See the bulging eyes? And the messy hair? She will be 3 on Monday, and we are seriously impressed with her command of a pencil!

My little artiste!
Today we are prepping and baking for the party tomorrow. Can't wait to show you pictures on Monday!


TheNextMartha said...

It's so cute that she drew a picture of you.

Family Sized Fun said...

ha! - you guessed it and i didn't even mention the yoga pants!

The Corbett Kid. said...

i love that you guys are growing food! and a little jealous. fresh lettuce is my fave! but the broccoli? have never had homegrown! the possibilities of what to do with the bunch? endless.

oh and that picture is totally fridgeworthy

LCW & JPW said...

We used to grow all stuff up north in MA. Except the damn woodchucks stole are perfectly, HUGE, ready to pick broccoli. Damn Woodchuck. That salad sounds yummy.

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