Thursday, September 6, 2012


So you may remember, we had adopted a dog and I don't remember if I told you, but she actually moved on to a different home (of her choosing) after running away from ours.

Seriously, she would NOT stick around.
And also? We got her hooked up with an ideal situation for her.
After getting to know her, it was easy to know what kind of home she really needed.

Anyhoo, that time when I got Daisy, this dog (Jasmine) was at the shelter I went to, like, 3 times a week. She was rescued from lock up in Putnam County in April, and she had 9 beautiful babies. The girls and I would visit her and her puppies, and I really liked her.

And somehow ended up with Daisy. Cute, but so. much. trouble.

Fast forward a few months.
Daisy moves in, Daisy moves out, we stop looking for a while, no one adopts Jasmine.
4 months she was at the shelter.
In this time, she is a perfect dog in every way to the staff and volunteers at the shelter.
Loved kids.
Good to every dog that came in.
Good to every dog that got adopted to someone else instead of her.
Ideal roommate for any dog that came through there.
Patient. Playful. Pensive.
Always in a good mood.
Always ready to be loved.

Through the whole Daisy situation I stopped dropping by the shelter.
I didn't even know Jasmine was still there.

And then one day, I decide to take a look at their facebook page.
And I saw her.
And I knew I'd be going back down there.

I took the kids last Friday.
And we came back with her for a trial adoption over the Labor Day weekend.
We knew immediately that she wasn't going back.

She has a heart of gold, this kid, and is so very smart and responsive.
She LOVES the kids.
She is well behaved and Ono doesn't hate her.

We call her Lola.
Welcome to the good life, kid.


mikemoore said...

she looks chill. i think she will fit right in

alexi said...

I adopted one of her puppies :) I'm so glad she has a forever home now too!

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