Monday, September 10, 2012

St. Augustine: Day Trip

It's finally September!
We get pretty excited over here for September, because the weather starts cooling off.
The tourists start waning.
And it is our birthdays!

This past weekend Charlz and I sneaked a 24 hour overnight date to St. Augustine in between surfing and football. 

It's only an hour and a half up the coast and it is so cool. 
It's the oldest city in the country!

Everything looks so old!
Even the old people look older!
Old dude with an old dog on an old bike; Old alley
And there are so many cool old doors.
I am working on a series of doors for a wall in our house.
I think this is a good start.

Doors. Printing these out for my house.
 This set is stunning.
My favorites.
We had a delicious dinner at Harry's Seafood, and then walked around the city in the dark.
We decided NOT to take a ghost tour, but we did poach a couple who were wandering in our vicinity as we saw the sights. It was spooky. My phone camera refused to work at one of the locations until the tour group left. We said "OOOooooOOoooOooOoOOOOoo" after every sentence the tour guide said as we wiggled our fingers.

It would have freaked you out.

Haunted tour guide; Cue XFiles Music; Graveyard at night
Anyway, it rained all morning and we decided on a leisurely drive down the A1A with stopping along the way for little explorer walks.

I love time away.
We should have stayed longer.
But we were home by 12:30.

Because we missed the kids.

(And Lola. I really missed Lola. And apparently she missed me more then the kids even know how to.)

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brermatt said...

I love the way we see you in the side mirror in the first picture.

And did you see the ghostly light trail in the ghost tour guide picture?! OOooooOOooOooo. :)

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