Monday, December 7, 2009

My 15 Minutes of Internet

Hmmm...where do I begin?

First of all, I am writing this on Charlie's computer which is difficult for him to share, seeing as he is always working or watching football on it. Luckily, the Packers are on TV tonight so I sent him away to watch it, put the girls to bed early, and here I am.

I dropped my laptop the other day.
I hadn't backed up in long time.
I lost Eden's baby pictures.
And I should have known better because I lost Madee's a year after she was born in another accident.

So I don't have my own computer until we get back to Tahoe.

The bright side is, maybe one day I can recover the photos when I have lots of money, so I will save it, because they aren't just totally and completely gone, but are certainly inaccessible. Maybe Eden will grow up to understand such technical things and she can retrieve them - I don't know, but I do know this.

I feel sick inside. But not enough to cry.

So the Prozac is working.

I did have one holiday family shoot that hadn't gone to proof and print yet, and I lost that little family's session, and we are scheduling a reshoot for this weekend.

Anyway, I went to Target today and bought rain boots for Madee and I can't wait to show you. They are adorable. We couldn't even wait until Christmas because it has been raining all day and you never know when it might rain next in these parts.

In other news, Momma Goose lost the bottom half of her leg last time I checked, so who knows if that is a good thing or a bad thing...anyway, it makes me quite thankful I still have my legs ever since I lost my laptop and my internet.

And my phone is on the fritz.

Maybe I will create a special line of hard wearing technical gear that doesn't break so easily in the wild. Or in the hands of a toddler.

Not that any of that is her fault.

We are heading back home to Tahoe for Christmas and Madee's birthday. Well at least I think we will be there that long, we will celebrate it with her tiny friends while we are there, at any rate. I haven't done much Christmas shopping, but every time I go to a store I see super cute stuff that I want to buy for every body, but usually I am in and out with 2 screaming babies, so it is a rush to grab the thing I came for and get back out the door.

Right before I dropped my laptop I asked for a computer bag for Christmas.

Now I am thinking perfume...

If you are disappointed that there are no pictures for this post, feel free to view my latest shoots including the lost one here.

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Jaime said...

Ahhhhh! Charlotte's pictures are so freakin' beautiful.

I'm so so sorry about your computer. I have a feeling you'll get those pics back though. Plus at least you have your blogs to recover some of the great ones. Sometimes technology is just not as cool as Kip from N. Dynamite makes it out to be.

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