Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Despite the usual lack of rain around here, we were swimming in it for a day or two.

I just thought everybody should know that Mama Goose did not, in fact lose her foot. Charlie is a drama queen and he was just starting rumors. You wouldn't believe how fast it flew around the internet and the next thing you know Mama Goose's lawyers are having us amend our previous post and let everybody know that it was only speculation and we never intended for so much media attention to be brought on such a nice goose with two whole feet.

Even if one of them is a little gimpy.

I have friends here. I joined up with 2 of my mommy friends and their kids at the library for story time today, had a lunch play date and an afternoon playdate at the park.

And then of course I have the goose.

Seriously. Ask Charlie. We are friends.

Gotta run. Everyone is asleep and I'm totally jealous.

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