Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What Are Ya Hauling?

Of course we have a soft spot for Tahoe Blue.

This rig from the Oceanside Harbor was not only wearing a pretty little "Keep Tahoe Blue" sticker, she was shades of blue herself!

Hey look Dad! FMC!

Is that your old logo? I knew FMC built fire trucks and other large vehicles, but this little emblem on a rig took me by surprise!

A hot full body shot. I love love love these old timers, but without the pop-out slide, I couldn't see us in one - it is just too tight.

I have a feeling some pretty cool people own this sucker.

And a pretty little Ono dog we ran into on the beach.

Scenes from the Oceanside pier. The guitar player is such a ham!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yes...it is indeed the same FMC. These are now collectors items and have a bit of a cult following.

Love you guys,

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