Saturday, November 28, 2009

Coming In Hot

Today we left the Oceanside Harbor and docked up to the Tucker house for a night while Uncle Cousin Booty is still in town.

We will be heading to Lake Guajome park for the next week, and it is a really pretty little park with so many things to do and it is only a few miles away from here. We are pretty excited, in fact we went there today to play at the playground so it is familiar to Madee when we arrive.

As we were swinging on the swingset we saw two SPCA vehicles come tearing through the parking lot and past the campground, and as Charlie said, "They were coming in HOT!" Madee and I crossed the playground to see what was happening, and were surprised to get roped into a sting.

The officers had us feed bread to about 200 hundred ducks and geese so they could try and grab one of them that had some fishing line around her foot.

It was terribly exciting and although they didn't catch her, we got to learn about all the teamwork involved, and how they had been trying to catch her for about 2 months, which is precisely why they needed Madee and myself to feed them bread, because this one goose knows who they are now.

Oh yeah. And the generator is now fully functional thanks to brilliant Dad, and now dry camping is actually just like plugging in.

AND I went to the mall today with Auntie Teri, did some major retail therapy and got a new Mom uniform. Which is awesome because I so badly needed some new clothes, and I was very smart about what I bought, so I am really excited about wearing it all.

My favorite item is a matching hat and scarf. It is TO DIE FOR, and will be featured sometime very soon, I'm sure.

Also exciting, our friends Stacey and John are having their baby.

Like right now.

Guess who is doing the newborn pictures?
AND I have my first on-the-road photo shoot here in Oceanside for a family that we met at the park last week.

Ida is sitting up really good by herself, she got a new tooth, and Madee is up to 2 and 3 word phrases, is a trooper in the scary ocean waves, and gave up bottles all just in this last week.

Life is just mach 5 with kids - every day seems so long, but they flip by so quickly.

We found some crazy cool stuff at low tide yesterday, alos to be featured once photographed. I could sit and sift through sand and shells at low tide for hours.

AND Dad is a surfer now.

I think we are settling in to our new selves quite nicely, and we are glad we get to do it all together as a family.

Now I must set my mind to decorating the RV for Christmas. Madee knows who Santa Claus is and I am pretty excited even though I don't know where we will be for it...

Gotta run. I smell turkey enchiladas!

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