Sunday, November 1, 2009

Half Moon Bay

It's late - 9:08, and everybody else is sleeping.
We spent the last couple days driving, and so we are all just beat.

I am already missing Half Moon Bay...I guess as soon as you get your bearings some place it is hard to go find them again somewhere else - especially in the sweltering heat of Phoenix, AZ.

But I don't want to talk about Phoenix right now.

Madee found these pretties on the beach on Half Moon Bay. We are collecting treasures in every camp we go to remember our time there.

I have never seen such a color on a real shell before..Brody found that one!

Madee and I spend a day decorating the fridge to get ourselves in the mood for our location...

The beach
The bay

Some cool treeWe stopped for breakfast along the way in Bakersfield, and The Hubers came to meet us. Stacey is less than a month away from that baby! It was so nice to see them - we haven't since they were up in Tahoe for their wedding. They looked happy and they seemed very interested in how we manage the children.

We weren't making it look very easy.

Here's the whole clan. It was so great to see you guys! Can't wait for newborn pictures!

The parking lot in Bakersfield where Madee gave up...

Little Goofball. The girls were amazingly good on the trip, which was awesome, since it was just me in the car with them. Once we got to the campsite, Madee got her first big scrape that will turn into her first big scab.

And Ida cut another tooth, so we have had our moments.

More about Arizona soon, now I should sleep while I have the chance - I gotta feeling the morning warms up quick around here...

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