Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What Are Ya Hauling?

Ever since we got an RV, I have cultivated a new interest in the caravan practices of others. Where ever we are, gas station, in town, on the road - I am seeing RVs and RV parks and trailers and fifth wheels trailing scooters and golf carts and bikes and smart cars and it is just really cool to look around a camp site and see the style and accouterments that other people have going on.

Some of them are even good enough to share.

Like this one.

When we first started talking about renovating an RV, I started doing some internet research to get ideas and came across this collection of jewels so of course I have been keeping my eye out for one of these ladies in person.

I am kind of disappointed that we never saw the person who owned her.

Love love love the license plate thing she has going on the door.

Giddy up cowgirl! You are a hot little Mama!

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