Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Brighter Side of Phoenix

Of course now I have grown slightly find of Arizona. My new favorite thing? Saguaro Cactus nubs. They look like little sea urchins, and they are just so cute!

Sea Urchins

May favorite nub cluster.

Charlie has a buddy he has known since he was 5 that lives not too far away in Scottsdale. He and his wife have an adorable little Logan, and she is turning 1 today. She and Eden were pretty much the same size.

Only Eden is heavier...

The Italian Greyhound is Lola. She is a good kisser.

What a cute group of girls! They got along quite well!

Madee enjoyed being the oldest and helping the other babies. She was so sweet and you could just see her confidence being boosted as she realized that she had lots of skills compared to the other two.

She even got all crazy and was leaping off of the ottomans...

That bruise on her cheek is from an unfortunate header into the cockpit of the RV from the living area last week, and she has scabs and scrapes all over from the gravel and rocks in the desert.

I have asked Charlie on more than one occasion if he thought she had a cactus spine in her, she has been so moody and cranky.

Then today she reared her head back laughing and i could see her 2 year molars have been coming in.


I'll be glad when that is over.

Madee knows her way to the playground and we go several times a day since it is just so close to our site. She has learned how to big girl swing, and she can land her slides and comes off of them running. We do lots of high fives.

So we have been really focusing on running, jumping and playing skills. Guess who gets to fall down all the time to convince her it is cool?

The other parents think I am nuts.

The other kids are nuts about me.

We had our first campfire and Dad made awesome burgers on it. Then the girls freaked out in the dark (it is REALLY dark here when it is dark) and Madee wasn't even convinced we were eating until we came inside and she could see her food.

Note to self. Purchase lantern.

Madee and I spent a lot of today sifting through the rocks together, Ida loves to sit in her bumbo and play with her fingers in the sand. We have been doing our best to slow down and try to enjoy ourselves in the simplest kind of way. And "pway" a lot.

It isn't easy with all these teeth and Dad's tedious and demanding job that literally has him so busy that I don't get break from whenever they get up in the morning until Ida's teeth stop bothering her at night.

Tomorrow night is our last night here, then we pack up and head to Tucson for a couple of days. I can't believe I will kind of hate to leave.

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures Karmen. It was nice to meet you and the kids. Safe travels. shawn

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