Thursday, November 12, 2009

One Last Sunset

There is still so much we could do around here, but tomorrow we go back to Cali. Points of interest we enjoyed while here?

1. Makutu's Island
2. McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park
3. Some random park in Tempe

4. The Brick's
5. Usery Mountain Regional Park

6. Famous Nails (Killer pedicure!)

7. Outdoor World (Madee loved the carvings!)

8. Kid to Kid Consignment (Ida got a new walky!)

Tomorrow we think we will stop by the kid's museum while Dad has the oil changed in the RV.

While we were here, Madee got scratched, bumped and bruised, fell off of numerous playground equipment, was dragged through the streets by the dogs, and drove her Dora bus out of the RV door and down the stairs.

And for the most part landed it.

Ono got locked in the car, Zeus got stuck by a cactus while trying to pee on a jumping cholla.

Ida fell off the sofa for the first time, (thud) and has been battling the teeth and gums.

So it has been pretty exciting around here, even on the boring days...

Next, Newport Beach, possibly Mom in Anaheim, and Thanksgiving with family in Oceanside... All of which is sounding pretty awesome to me!

And one last sunset.

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