Friday, November 6, 2009

Strange Arizona

Oh, Internet.

I cannot even begin to tell you how hard this is. I am sure that you are wondering why we would do something like this to ourselves, and that maybe we are just gluttons for severe punishment, what, with having the 2 kids so fast and then moving into this RV with them like life wasn't stressful enough.

I mean, we weren't getting great sleep before, and I thought we had really reached a low on that one. But we had far further to travel.

I don't even try to sleep during the day anymore.

I can't handle the disappointment.

This is our front yard.

I know there will come a breaking point. Some crazy thing will happen and we will start to work together as a team and it will be incredible.

But right now we are incredibly moody and I am learning to take "fake it til you make it" to a new level, I mean somebody has to be the head cheerleader in these situations and Madee isn't looking to fill that position anytime soon.

Yesterday was a pretty good morning because we went to the train museum park and met a nice mommy with two little girls. Her 2 year old was named Zoie, her 7 month old's middle name was Charlotte and her mom's middle name is Ida.

Each of us had somebody to play with and it ruled.

The other night the clouds were incredible, and although I do not quite understand how people can live here with the hostility of the landscape, (I am convinced that the Saguaro Cacti are Arizona's way of giving me the finger) the sky is certainly another thing.

These are all shots of the same sky.

Giving me the finger.

The flash makes a huge diff..

Later that night, long after the sun went down, I was walking Ida to put her to sleep. The mountains surround the campsite so that at night they rise like dark teeth on the horizon. The clouds that night sat between the mountains and the moon creating this illuminated frame around more clouds in the sky. I was insane, and I can't show you because there isn't a wide angle lens like that in my bag, but let me tell you, it was as though the sky had opened up with a picture window, perfectly framed with the clouds and then the earth outside of it so that it looked kind of like nature's huge big screen television in the sky. A sky movie.

And I wasn't even drinking or anything, although I am working on very little sleep, but I can tell you if I was some old school Native American Medicine Man and I had some peyote, I could have told you that story and a few more, I am sure.

The coyotes were crazy that night.

This was the sunrise.

I guess what I am trying to say is, I know now why the Native Americans would come and live here, even if more hospitable lands were available.


We are trying to make the best of things. And it isn't easy.

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