Friday, October 30, 2009

Day 4 - Half Moon Bay

It’s mid morning, and Madee is playing with her toys and Ida is playing on the floor looking in the mirror, and I am on the laptop listening to the only 2 Jack Johnson songs in my iTunes.

The girls feel at home like this.

Madee has been having so much fun with the other little gypsy children, they all have their own dogs on leashes and she has Ono (much to Ono’s horror) and they run and play and scream in the yard next to the RV. Despite the fact that she is laughing and playing and having a bomb-ass time, she is also quite out of sorts, and I think it is because we haven’t been watching her morning TV, and in fact had not even seen any of her toys until yesterday, when I pulled them out on purpose, to remind her who she is.

Because as much as she likes all the new people and things to do, she is a toddler, and she needs a consistency that goes beyond nap and meal schedules. She needs familiar stuff. When she knows what to expect she feels smart, confident, and ready to take on the world. Without that familiar stuff, she feels small and lost and insecure.

And I guess that isn’t much different for adults.

So instead of going into The City today to shop with Brody, I stayed in the park today so the kids can rest and play and be with their familiar things.

It’s 9:15.
Madee is having quiet time in her crib, Ida just fell asleep, the dogs are snoring, and my coffee is cold, but it is still good coffee.

Oh, internet. You have no idea. I hate feeling such a lack of control over my environment. I keep getting out and talking to the other campers, listening to their stories and taking note of their advice and tips. The people we have been haning out with that have all the kids and dogs (including on old lab named Charlie and a long haired Chihuahua) live in Gardnerville, NV- about 35 minutes from our house in South Lake. Weird.

Things that Suck:

1. The jackknife couch bed I am sleeping on is basically a sheet over a steel plate. It is also about 4 feet wide.

2. Zeus.

3. The fridge is on the blink.

4. Ono stepped in dog poop and she still stinks a bit.

Things that Rule:

1. The sunset last night.

2. Waking up to the sun and having kids outside to play with.

3. Meeting all these people and learning about this lifestyle we have adopted.

4. Living a simpler life with my family.

A lot of these other campers make this look so easy. Of course we have met people who have been doing this a long time, so I am sure before I know it, we will be more savvy also. Right now, our camp looks pretty vanilla. But we are loud and colorful people, so we have that going for us.

This isn’t easy, especially for me. But I can see what life is going to be like and not in this “I have expectations” kind of way but in a “I find fleeting moments of serenity and coziness and firelight and as much as my husband and my kids drive me crazy, I love being with them like this” kind of way.

All day is full action packed adventure, which could very much be good for my spirit and my figure – and it already seems to be good for the bonding and team development for our family. You always gotta look on the bright side.

And now some pictures…

Halloween preview...she can't keep her fingers off those earrings!

Walking the dog..

Gypsy Girl
Uncle Cousin Brody
Lemos Farm
I love this shot.
Scenes from the RV

Awesome Restaurant in Half Moon Bay

Just making some phone calls...

The girls and I pack up today and when Dad gets off work, we are headed to Phoenix, AZ...but we will definately be back here, the view is worth the lack of hook ups...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks u for the travel news! Mama luvs u all!!!Loving the pics.....peace and serenity under a small traveling gypsy roof! Perfection!!!

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