Thursday, October 29, 2009

If only I tweeted...

I think I will need to up my technology ante.

10 Facts about today

1. Madee and Brody and I found a dead seal on the beach.
2. We moved campsites to a much better view of Half Moon Bay and the campers at this park.
3. We haven't played with toys or watched TV for 3 days.
4. Need more space bags.
5. The color for the day was green.
6. Madee likes to walk Ono on her leash and talk to other dog owners with their dogs on leashes.
7. RV people are nice and helpful.
8. It's kind of like Burning Man without the music or the drugs or the nudity.
9. A quarter will buy you a pretty long shower.
10. I don't even know whose internet connection I am skanking.

This is so cool, and then it sucks, and then it is so cool again. We need an outdoor space set up. We need a porch area with lights and colors and personality. A place where Madee can glow in the evening fire and say hi to people as they walk by with their dogs on leashes.

I have so many things to share about RV people, but right now, I am just experiencing this culture shock as I settle in to this transient, unsettled society.

We are gypsies now. And we are not alone.

Oh, and apparently the other gypsies are packing heat!


Jessica Van Derven said...

YOu are crackin' me up, sistah-in-lah!

Anonymous said...

Amazing what is outta the cave...I am learning very slowly....luv u all. grammeeeeeeee

Anonymous said...

Cave to Beach
cave to beach
can u hear me
miss you all

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