Thursday, October 29, 2009

Only going moderately crazy up in here...

I'm sure you are wondering how things are going, and I can tell you this:

It is getting better.
I don't have the time or patience in me right now to write much more, as we do not have any electric, there are a couple "issues" with the rig, and basically

This is obviously the biggest challenge I have ever considered taking over and I think it is quite hilarious that I actually thought this would be like living in an apartment that moves around.

Because I realized the first night, when I had to take a hike to the bathroom and Madee had turned the outside stairs off and I fell out of the RV, that this is camping, folks. I agreed to camping for a YEAR.

Right now it is all about organizing and reorganizing so that we can all be a little more comfortable in here.

There is so much to say, but so little battery...

(If I sound calm, it is only because you are reading this and not hearing this!)

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Carrie Crockford said...

Mother Nature invented Black Box Wine for a reason... this could be it!

Even keel thoughts coming your way today.

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