Sunday, October 18, 2009

Putting It All Together...

Madee loved Ikea. She thought the showrooms were her new playground, and tested every sofa and chair and bed and random thingy that may be along the walk.

She wore the shopping hat and played "shopping queen" and found many things that she would like in her new Big Girl/Little Room in the RV.

She was precious and mostly patient for 2 long car rides and a long hot, shopping trip.

My little trooper! (And hey, go Dad for being my Big Trooper!

Here's a sneak preview of Madee's Big Girl/Little Room in the RV. There are a few little details to finish, and I will unveil all of the after pictures.

This has to be my favorite room ever. It is even better than the orange one in the house. And because of the nature of the RV, it is tiny, so it is even more precious for living in her own little dollhouse!

Ida loves it too! This room will eventually be for both of them, but right now we are just concerned with getting Madee comfortable in it. Ida sleeps wherever...she just knows how to get confy anywhere...
Things are actually coming together in our new little home, and as Charlie and I sat in her last night surveying our new surroundings, we decided we like it already.

The fall colors are changing here in Tahoe.

The road beckons.
EDD: October 26 - 30 - we haven't made a final decision on that yet. We do know that we will be in Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ the first couple weeks of November.

T minus 8-12 days, depending which way the wind blows...

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