Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Eye of the TIger

We recently went to Gainesville for a half-marathon that my mom and sister run. This year, Charlie signed up, too.

He was training since the New Year, and not only did he finish, he made it in 2 hours which is pretty awesome.

As he came around the last corner I screamed, "You are the eye of the tiger, baby!" And he made this happy face.

That girl behind him? My baby sister. She actually won for her age group and got 3rd overall.
She is basically a running machine so next time I am at the mall and decide not to pay for something, guess who gets to be my MULE?

Just kidding.

::shifty eyes::

Also? Here is my mom. Yeah, she looks that great even after she just ran 13 miles.
I am pretty sure all 3 of them made their best times yet.

Me? I don't understand running. But these guys are certainly official bad asses now. I mean, WOAH.

Congratulations you guys! And Boom Boom? We are super proud of you. I can't even imagine how you push your hot hot body to do these things.

You are a tiger for sure!

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Hen Jen said...

very cool! I would love to say someday that I ran a marathon..but I don't get running, either. I walk everyday pretty much- but I just can't kick it up a notch and actually run. I figure it's my life & walking makes me happy..

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