Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Games

Every day the girls seem to come up with new pretend-play games. I love to hear Madee giving a voice to her figures, setting up cities and homes and domestic situations. Complete with "naughty babies" and a mommy that is "SO MAD right now!"

Not sure where she gets those words...

Eden has been into dress up and dressing herself, which is, well going to take her a little time to perfect. Like heads go in HEAD HOLES not arm holes, and arms go under and through, not over and whatever she is doing.

The other dad was gone and the girls went wild in his clean laundry.

Look! She actually has her head in a head hole! Or maybe technically a head and two arms.


To-GA! To-GA! To-GA!
Okay let's get serious here about putting this shirt on.

And now we play "Random Cult Member" which is no fun without...

..a hooded and robed cult leader!

Wonder what we will play today!

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