Monday, March 7, 2011

Things and Such


Sometimes I am all pictures and sometimes I have some words, but right now I am thinking about how I never kept up with the journals I bought to write precious stories about the daily happening of the girls.

Sorry girls.

I have many times worn the proud intention of reciting my undying, relentless fascination with my little people but truly? These 2 wear me out. By the minute. And they steal my pens and notebooks.


Anyhoo, ladies? My little DARLINGS? These are things you do lately.


Last week you brought me poop in a cup. You were proud.
It was your own poop.

Last week you were both fighting over a baby doll and I said I could cut the baby in half so you could both play, which half did you want?
Of course there was more screaming and I did not cut the baby in half but wasn't I so smug and Biblical with my witty repertoire?

You didn't get it.

The NEXT evening, you couldn't sleep. You tossed, you turned, you kept getting up out of your bed.

You marched up to me like you really had something on your mind and you pointed your little finger at me and you said, "MOM, it isn't nice for you to CUT MY BABY IN HALF!"

I agreed.

Today you asked me for a chocolate milk after lunch. In a coffee cup. And would I like to join you for a coffee cup of chocolate milk.

Oh yes, my love. I would love to join you for a cup. What shall we talk about?

You are getting so much better at sharing with Eden. Partly because she screams so loud and unruly when she doesn't get her way that even YOU relent and do whatever you can to make it stop.


Oh Eden.

Every night, you wake up every 2 hours demanding a bottle of milk and if it isn't delivered in a timely fashion you pull my hair or in some other way violently assault me.

We have considered going cold turkey or weaning or whatever, but you are a force to be reckoned with, and quite honestly you scare us ALL.

I know it is an awful thing for your teeth and your sleep patterns for you to do this all night milk dispenser, and that you shouldn't even be carrying around that bottle, but DUDE.

You hug with more than your heart, you put your EVERYTHING into it, and your kisses? well, just WOW. They are like little magic stars falling from heaven onto my face.

You are saying full-on sentences and you are so funny and the FUNNIEST thing you do is act PERFECT in front of other people. You charm them into believing you are the mellowest, sweetest, smartest, prettiest baby in the world, and although I certainly can't argue with THAT you are also many other things.

But there is plenty of time for them to learn all about that.

Much love to the 2 of you. You are my heart.


The Corbett Kid. said...

i couldn't help but laugh over the tossing, the turning, the not sleeping - because of the baby doll.

i laugh because i empathize.

Family Sized Fun said...

oh the DRAMA
like she just couldn't SLEEP cuz i said it
they yell at each other to stop snatching and SHARE in their sleep

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