Friday, April 8, 2011

Don't Forget to Have Fun

It's what weekends were made for!

Also? Wear SUNSCREEN people!

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Violetsouffle said...

In addition to sunscreen, w make T wear a hat-one of those soft hats. I usually dunk
It in the water to keep her head cool and her happy. I think
Keeping a hat on her head is better than lathering her up with sunscreen alone-it pretty fully blocks UV rays-plus her swimsuit is UV resistant, so sunblock is only an added step, not the whole prevention. Sun safety is a big deal to us.
How does your youngest do with waterwings? I'm
Thinking of either using a lifejacket again this year (the learning kind, not a boating jacket) or water wings, or maybe nothing&just teach her to respect the water. Not sure yet..,haha :)

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