Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pretty Places: Kitchen Windowsill

This little dish holds a sand dollar and a shell that Boom Boom found for me. I generally end up tossing in any jewelry I have on at the end of a night or two.

That ring? Love.
I got it from this little jewelry show at the salon I go to.
The daisies are also favorites.
Farmer's Market. (An artsy hipster one with few actual "farmers")

The tri metal earrings with beads are probably an old Target buy but they are pretty much my go to earrings.

They just hang like 2 pretty little bunches of grapes on my ears.

Madee brought this home for me from Home Depot.
She was quite proud.
She loves flowers.

It is budding again.
A windowsill is the perfect place for joy to bloom.

This little guy fell off in my hand while picking its group mate the other day in the garden.
And he matches this teeny little melamine plate so perfect.
Well he did.
Obvs he was eaten.

Many years ago I had this job and made a very good friend there.
We had this plant at the office.
She gave me bits off of it.
Now I get bits off of mine.
It really likes to grow.

Have you ever had steel cut oatmeal?
Irish freaking oatmeal?
It is amazing.

I don't even have words.
But your body will thank you if you try it.

Here is our trusty Bamboo.
We first got it in Tahoe, it lived in the RV, and in Duluth, and in the cupholder of our car right next to the fish on our way to Florida.

I think he likes us.

And lastly, a jar of the whitest shells and rocks in my collection.
I just love the way sunlight plays off of them in the window.
And the jar is just the beginning of a new collection, I am pretty sure.
At least, I hope?

And this is what I look at while I do dishes.
Lucky dishes.

What is in your windowsill?


Teresa said...

Beautiful photography; very clean and crisp. I love it!

Anonymous said...

A black hen lays a white egg.

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