Thursday, April 14, 2011

Me Too

Anything that Madee says, Eden says, "Mee too!"
She doesn't want to be left out.

I can't believe that THIS is my baby.
Babies are supposed to be little, and fragile, and helpless, but THIS?
This is already a little lady.

She has her own ideas and opinions and relationships and she is an amazing, brilliant, funny kid.
She is an illegal firecracker.

And her sweetness? Will melt your FACE off.

Just seeing her tears me apart and makes me whole all at the same time.


Teresa said...

AW! Well said! Beautiful pics of your gorgeous girlie.

The Corbett Kid. said...

pretty darn cute. a keeper. xo

Emily said...

I love this. "tears me apart & makes me whole" couldn't describe how I feel any better. Just beautiful.

TheNextMartha said...

Just too cute.

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