Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Love Birthdays

Funny thing is, as people get older, people don't rent them ponies for their birthday anymore.
What a let down.
But I am a celebrater of birthdays. I LOVE birthdays.
Even when they aren't my own.

Last weekend was a very good friend of mine's birthday.
Doesn't she look lovely in the birthday dress I gave her?
(I found it at a KILLER garage sale.)
((For a dollar.))
It couldn't have looked more lovely on her.
Like it was made for her.
Of course she loved it.

I also enjoy making birthday confections.
Cat loves brownies. And cream cheese. And chocolate.
So clearly, she loved these little bite size birthday noms.

Make a wish!

Did you get them all?

Yeah you did, girl.
Hope they ALL come true!

Same garage sale? I scored the tiered plate. For 2 dollars.
Indeed. It was a really good sale.

Happy Birthday Kitty Cat!

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