Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Come and knock on my door

Any move is stressful. In fact, I have been known to get tense about knowing I have to move as I am moving into a place, and this move? This is a cross country crazy counter clockwise and not organized kind of move.

And I am stressed.

And at the same time I am very calm about this.

Everything's going to be okay. (If not GREAT!) But mostly I just keep trying to "keep moving forward" and "don't look back" and tell myself "everything is going to be okay" in between.

Serendipitous circumstances landed us the PERFECT house. And I don't mean just *a* perfect house THE PERFECT HOUSE. It s absolutely one of my favorite houses in my favorite areas and it is close to my favorite church and my favorite dog park and my favorite Orlando amenities.

It has actually been one of my favorite houses for quite some time, as it is my friend's house, and the layout, the flow, the space as a whole, is just, well, IDEAL.

The girls and I went to play at the new house the other day and I took a few pics to give you a feel for what it is I am looking so forward to.

This is Poochie and he lives in the house currently. Lucky dog is moving to the beach.

I can only imagine he will be just as cute among the sand and sun and water.

This is one of my greatest friends. We have known each other through many aspects of ourselves, and have found ourselves "orbiting the same planet" as it were.

::upward side eye hand to chin::

We just connect, and it seems that serendipity has joined led us both into our own ideal situation.

This is her baby and my baby, 2 years ago.This is them now.

Ono making herself at home.

There is lots of pretty stuff in the backyard.

This is one of the reasons I love Florida.

The house is so light and even has some floor to ceiling windows that are going to walk right up and kiss my camera on the mouth, oh I just cannot tell you how excited I am to take pictures in this space.

Why yes, E you DO look fabulous.

More to love in the garden.

The girls are already so happy there, I can't wait for it to dawn on them that we are going to be living there ourselves.

I am expecting serious squeals of delight.

Oh and the kids will probably be excited about it too. ;)


Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm so excited for you guys!

Genina said...

OMG! Sooo exciting :) I love the front door, and your kids, their little sweet faces, well, they're to die for!!! :) I'm so happy everything is moving in the right direction for you, always forwards, never backwards!

You deserve the best of everything!!!

xo G

BrerMatt said...

I'm excited too!

Three cheers for Serendipity!
Hip hip! Hooray!
Hip hip! Hooray!
Hip hip! Hooray!

The only bad thing... It's still not that close to ME!

But I will drive for you guys!

Tonya said...

Ditto what BrerMatt said... Actually neither of you are close to me, but I shall drive to see you both, cuz im cool like that!

Dani Z said...

Glad you found the perfect house. From the looks of it every one is happy. Whoo Hoo!

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