Thursday, May 6, 2010

Non-Bloggers. A Series

The next Non-Blogger in our series is Mike Moore. A dad, a husband, and a twitter friend who:

a) can hang at our lippy Mommy online drinking parties
b) actually asks for several references before he adds new tweeps (twitter people) to follow
c) makes me laugh ALOT with his one liners
d) follows all my stupid movie references and laughs at MY jokes

Mike is always working, or at least it seems that way. In a hotel here, on a plane there, calling out to his wife, Ginny on twitter, so I asked him to give us a little more (moore!) of what his life and his family is like. And I am lucky that not only did he say, "Well, maybe.", but he actually sent me an email with a blog post and pictures that I get to share with you.

And that just makes us ALL lucky. Ladies and Gentleman? Mike Moore.

Calling Nurse Ginny

My wife and I have been together for 16 years now, 13 & 1/2 of that as husband and wife. You will notice that I count those six months, because according to my wife our marriage is measured in dog years, so those six months are a significant chunk of time. In these past 16 years I have been away from home traveling for work a total of somewhere between 4 and 5 years (I stopped trying to keep track). I am usually only gone for a few days to a week at a time. Except for the year I lived in Korea...alone. Oh, and the five months I spent in Iraq. And don't forget the three months in Saudi Arabia. Well, you get the picture.

In those many, many years of marriage my wife (who refers to me as her first husband) and I have come to agree on certain things. She has an infallible memory while I can barely remember something that was said last week even though I can somehow quote lines from a movie I last saw on VHS in the mid-90s. She is almost always right, while I am just a dumb old man. My iron-fisted attitude towards child rearing (a.k.a. Dad is a pushover & "the fun one") somehow hampers discipline in the house. And last but not least, my practicality is somehow not romantic.
Through all of this my wife has silently (okay not always silently) taken care of the homefront. She manages the kids, the house & the bills. If I am gone she mows the grass, makes sure the dog is groomed and gets the oil changed in the vehicles. I have an enormous amount of respect for my wife. She is capable of moving mountains while I am out of town. When I was in Korea she arranged for our household goods to be moved from Washington state to Washington, DC with absolutely no help at all. She has had to deal with things like our son getting Scarlett fever and what seemed like constant battles with strep throat. She is always there for the first day of school and can pull teeth if necessary when I am in another country. She is the pillar of strength that keeps this family chugging along.

My wife also keeps me grounded. Whenever I attempt to tell her how important I am, how much of a rockstar I am at work, or how I single-handedly ensure the stability of our national security, she puts me in my place. It is always humbling when she says to me in her sweetest voice, "That's nice honey. Now could you go pick up the dog poop in the backyard?"

This week my wife completes her final exams of nursing school. It has been a long time coming, but I hope that makes it all the sweeter for the entire family. Next week she will participate in the time honored tradition of the nursing pinning ceremony, and the week after that our kids and I will attend her graduation ceremony. And to think that she has done all of this while raising me and our two children. Thank you Nurse Ginny for all you do for us. We love you.

Congratulations Ginny! My husband travels for work, but I don't know that I can complain since he has never left for months or a year! I don't know how you keep it all together, so you are welcome to write a follow up blog post on your SuperMama powers! Oh, and Happy Mother's Day!

In fact, Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas out there. Every one of you is making a difference in someone's future, and I know firsthand it isn't the easiest thing. Moms should be celebrated EVERY DAY, but we will take what we can get! Have a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

What a sweet salute to your wife. I thought my husband worked a least he gets to do much of it from the comfort of our couch. Gives me a new appreciation.

I just recently started following @mikemoore72. I certainly hope that I come highly recommended. Ha!

~ The Mongoose

Lauren said...

that was the sweetest little blog post. :)

Oh and tell nurse ginny that she is a saint for 16 years with you #youknowicouldntjustbenicetoyouonehere #alwaysbustinballs

Jerseygyrl said...

Awesome blog post! You and your wife sound like yall have a wonderful marriage. Your wife is a total rock star!

BrerMatt said...

That's very very sweet. You are lucky to have each other.


Genina said...

Awwwww... That was so sweet it made me barf up my lunch.

You're wife is an amazing women, I hope to be that awesome one day. You're a lucky man! and I guess she's lucky too ; )


Adrienne said...

I KNEW it. Did I not tell you, weeks ago, that I didn't believe a word of your I-have-a-crappy-marriage, my-wife-hates-me bluster? Yes, I did, and I'm damn happy to be right.

You two seem to be the young version of my parents. My dad is off ensuring national security and my my mom is a nurse.

Babe_Chilla said...

Great post Mike. Even if you're not a blogger ;)

thenextmartha said...

Mike, you can really feel the love and respect that you have for your wife. This was a great post to read. HOLY GINNY! What an amazing woman.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Ginny! What a wonderful post Mike! You can just feel the love and admiration you have for your wife.

Anonymous said...

I know I already commented but my mom is/was a nurse (she is not a quality manager of her hospital) and in honor of Nurse Appreciation Week she posted this on FB. I thought your wife might like it.

Right now there is a nurse helping a woman become a mom, a nurse holding the hand of a dying man, a nurse inserting an IV in a child, a nurse listening to an Alzheimer's patient tell a story, a nurse missing her family while caring for yours. In the minute it took you to read this nurses all over the world are saving lives.♥ It's Nurse appreciation week.

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