Thursday, May 6, 2010

Stupid Fitness Regime


If you know me, you probably picture me sitting down. It's kinda my thing. Or leaning. Or laying. Definitely slumping.

These are the ways in which I am cat-like.
Well that and I will one eye you while you clean my litter box.

The kids keep me on my toes, but it isn't exercise, in fact, I have never been a big fan of exercise. Or sweating. Or breathing hard.

So the other day when I agreed to this Stupid Fitness Regime, it was obviously because I have made a breakthrough (or been pushed over an edge, WHATEVS).

The thing is, I need this. I need it for my sanity, and I couldn't feel good about upping my Prozac without also doing something about my system and it's well being.

That said, I went running.

I cussed at Boom Boom and made meany faces and also pulled the I HAVE NOTHING MORE TO SAY hand up.

It wasn't pretty.
He was telling me "heartrate this..." and "metabolism that..." and I was all, "stick THIS up HERE..." "and you know what you can do with that NEXT thought...".

But I went. And I called him after I had walked off some of the anger I am feeling at my big ass.

See, my baby just turned 11 months old.
And I still weigh what I did when I went in to have her.
Not happy about it.
Basically, I was hotter pregnant. or skinnier. WHATEVS.

And now, I am moving back to where I came from where my lazy butt was still a skinny little lazy butt.


And we have drastically changed what we are eating around here. Like, NO ICE CREAM IN THE HOUSE.

Who lives like that?

Gone are all our goldfish and puffs and mayo and whatever else isn't fully whole grain ir might be carb-y. ::sadface::

Now we have grapefruit and apples and oranges and bananas and grapes and roasted almonds and chicken breasts and spinach and yogurt and we can eat as much as we want.
After we run til we puke.

Honestly, I am usually SO HOSTILE about any kind of workout, like want to punch somebody for bringing it up and might push them into traffic if they think they are going to run with me. But, to tell you the truth, by the time BoomBoom comes home in a day, I CAN'T WAIT for a quiet moment alone. And I get almost an hour! Plus, I am sleeping better, and feeling more positive. And I get more showers. And if I just had a little nano or whatevs I would start running longer.

And by the time I am a little down the street, I realize that I really don't get a lot of time in this world without my little family entourage and I feel strange for the first few minutes until I loosen up and try to just start the OCD counting thing I do when I run and forget anyone else in the world exists.

Except this is the ghetto, and I am not kidding, I keep well entertained.

Did I mention that the streets here downtown are like up and down like the streets of San Francisco? So. ummm. OWEE.


If I lose 20 lbs, I will still be the size of an average female gorilla.

So. just so you know, that makes me starting this initiative at 172 lbs.

Wish me Luck!


BrerMatt said...

Just remember that you are loved no matter what you look like.

"fully whole grain... grapefruit and apples and oranges and bananas and grapes and roasted almonds and chicken breasts and spinach and yogurt"

This sounds like me, too, except no chicken breasts. The no meat thing really kick started the weightloss.

It helps that "no meat" includes "no cheeseburgers."

Also, tight budget helps not eating out, which also makes it easier to eat healthy.

I'd be ecstatic if I could get to the weight you were when you started this.

Oh, and for the record, the average female gorilla is 4'6" and 200 lbs.

Jerseygyrl said...

AAAAND your still taller and skinnier than me, so just by standing next to me you will be smaller, Hurry back to FL now! And as James Blunt says "You're Beauutifulll, it's TRUE!"

LCW said...

No Ice Cream???? What?!?! Um, we eat ice cream, that's why I workout.

Allison said...

I'm kind of tired just reading about you running! My mom is supposed to deliver an elliptical(I sound all exercise-junky like when I use that jargon like I know what it is anymore. They all (my family) think I'm fat, stressed or both!
So, I have a lot of issues in my life. I like my "treats" (what I call my fat) & my husband still has more than me.
No, really, I'm getting on that train soon. I already have to do the eating thing because I have a disease that pushed me into it, but I've been holding out on the "makes me sweat thing." I played ball in college, so you would think I'd be inclined to we a workout freak, but I'm resisting the stereotype... right?

Anonymous said...

U R Hot

Adriana said...

Hey Girlie, It's Adriana! So, just to be able to identify with you yet again....I too have not been able to loose the baby weight. Initially I did, but then the day in day out events that take place of a Mommy of a 2 year old and a 11 month set in...pile on top of that, winter in Boise, Idaho where it is too freakin cold to exercise! Yeah, I'm probably filled with excuses and a little irritated about my weight thing too! Hang in there~ I'm waiting for that moment where things will be easier and Mommy will have time to do the things that I loved to do. I used to work out 4-5 nights a week at the gym...I see now that was a luxury! Anyways, I'm cheering you on girl!! :o) Cheers! Adriana

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