Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Last Mother's Day, Madee still kinda looked like a baby.

And now, she is totally my little girl.

Motherhood flies by so fast. I can't believe this one is almost one. And soon these little baby faces she is making will give way to the little girl face.
::looks wistfully outside window::

Oh yeah. like a button, baby.

My Mother's Day was amazing. I just love these kids so much, and even though the last year or so has been a day-to-day survival kind of thing many days (weeks), it is feeling more and more regular and balanced. I am so excited to get these girls to a house with some room to be free.

I am also excited to decorate their rooms and have an area for crafts and projects and room to run from one room to another.

Eden has grown up here in Duluth. She got behind a push and walk toy and it has suddenly dawned on her that she can walk too. And she is pushing and walking that little thing all over the house, standing on her own for a few seconds, wiping out hard when she loses her balance.

Gets back up and does it again.

And seriously, this kid?
She is standing here next to me clipping a clothespin to her tongue, she knows a lot of the words to Fergie's "lady humps" song, and she can eat cereal with milk in a bowl.

She can run and jump, loves to say her prayers at night, and tells me things are "perfpect" and "ahhhsum". She always wants me to put my make-up on her, is super encouraging, "good catch, Mom!" and can count to 12 but sometimes says 8 right after 2. She always tries to make me laugh, is good at teaching her sister how to do new things, and still says "we're HOOome! " when we pull up to a playground.

And yesterday, she would look into my eyes as we were cuddling watching a "moobie" and she would say "happy birssday, Mommy? NO! HAPPY MUDDER'S DAY, Mom!"

::big sigh::

No, it's okay. I just got a little something in my eye.

We hope your "Mudder's Day" was "ahhhsum!"


Jerseygyrl said...

I'm itching to get my hands on those little ones! Less than a week I can't wait!!

BrerMatt said...

Stinking cute.

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