Monday, May 3, 2010

Non-Bloggers. A Series.

This blog is MINE.

But it isn't.

If you are reading this right now, and you come back repeatedly, even if you DON'T COMMENT, then this blog is a little bit yours, too, no?


As a matter of fact, it is very much Madee and Eden and Boom Boom's, and if any tragedy (GAWD forbid) should ever befall me, this will be the most living record of my twisted little mind. And my life. Well, at least for the past several years.

And to give it the kind of respect it truly deserves, I have made a step in a new direction. I have started transferring and designing and hiring out work and we are soon going to be stepping Family Sized Fun up a notch or 2. I have felt a need to consolidate ALL MY BLOGS and organize posts so that it is easy to find exactly what it is you come here for, or to find something like a recipe or activity or craft idea again.

With all THAT being said, I have also started a fitness regime to lose 20 lbs, and although details will be elaborated on in a post later this week, I can give you a hint: I am hostile when it comes to any kind of exercise. HOSTILE. So we may have Coach Boom Boom give us some updates on my progress from his perspective, since he gets to hear all the cussin'.

Oh yeah, also, we are moving to Florida in like, 2 weeks. 2 WEEKS! So I am all over the place. And I kind of mean that literally. We will be packing up everything in a U-Haul and driving down starting next FRIDAY. Yeah. the 14th.

Does everybody know that MOTHER'S DAY is this weekend? Just saying.

We are having a birthday celebration for Eden (WHAT? I don't wanna talk about it :( )and driving down to my parents house, where BOTH my sisters are living. It is gonna be 1 BIG Coon party up in there!

Once we get there, Boom Boom will fly to San D, get the RV, drive to Tahoe, pack up our storage unit into the RV (well, whatever fits), and come across the country alone. which could literally be a vacation for him, but he will still stress and try to make "good time".

In the mean time, the dogs, the kids and I will be looking for a nice place to land for a while in Orlando. We will be hanging with Matt, going to Disney, and melting in the hot humid South. (Come visit!)

And oh yes, speaking of Matt. Does everybody here know him? Well, you will. He is a good friend and a good writer, and by GOOD FRIEND, I mean, Matt has agreed to give me a hand with some posting around here while I work through this transition - and by GOOD WRITER I mean, that's going to be a treat for all of us.

In fact, I have decided to sponsor a new series written by guest writers that are not bloggers. NOT BLOGGERS? I know right! (There is such a thing?)

Back to my original point, this blog is MINE.

But it is a lot more than just that. Since I have joined twitter, I now have a "knitting circle" of writers and there are many of us who write blogs, and read blogs and I haven't had a group of writers so engaged with each other since I was in college and in upper level writing courses. And if you are a nerd like me, you may be able to find some appreciation for something like that.

It is AWESOME. and INSPIRING. and MOVING. and oh, I am just going to go with awesome again.

Does everybody on Twitter blog?
Should they?

But there are a few out there, that still have something to say, even if they aren't going to say something ALL THE TIME. And I have started to round them up as guest posters for my this:

Non-Bloggers: A Series.

And who knows? Maybe they will end up being bloggers just yet. If not, consider it a privileged as they share what they would blog, if they did.

So that is it in a nutshell. Are there any questions? I am going to roll out Matt's first post tomorrow because it is such a stinking cute craft and there are some of us in Twitterworld that are excited for him to share it.

So, if I lost you at any point, here's the sitch: BIG move to domain hosting, McFatty Mama starts running, Big move to FL, cross country trip for Boom Boom, my friend Matt, DISNEY! New Digs, New Digs, and more New Digs.


If YOU are a Non Blogger, and you are interested in participating in this series, please contact me at and we will get you all hooked up. Unless you submit something that looks like a monkey threw crap at the keyboard, because we DO have standards.


BrerMatt said...

Living record of your twisted mind in case of tragedy, God forbid? Gee, K, morbid much?

Hello to all The Family Sized Fun readers! I look forward to sharing with you and reading your comments!

Let's start NOW! Here in the comments, say hello, and let me know who all reads this blog.


pthsmonkey said...

I think that is a fantastic idea! Non-blogger series. I am jealous that you thought of it and not me :P. Good luck in the move. I live in the hot humid South and the trick is to turn on the A/C as much as possible haha.

Anonymous said...

No "crap at the keyboard"...that disqualifies me:)


Anonymous said...

I hope that your move goes smoothly! I'll be thinking about you as we are moving at the same time.

Can't wait to read your non-blogger week; betting they all still write better then this non-blogger lol.

Jerseygyrl said...

I read K's blog and follow u both on twitter (str82ufromme on the twitz)

Marcy said...

Yay on the move!! And all the other stuff, too. =) Lots of excitement, huh? Good luck on all of it!

BrerMatt said...

Only 6 comments and one of them is mine? Does that mean tomorrow, I will only have one reader?

Can you get your kids to read it then?

Family Sized Fun said...

well I FOR ONE am super excited about tomorrows post!


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