Friday, April 30, 2010

New Face in Town

Well last night was WAY better than the previous few. Eden was able to sleep enough for all of us and so today is already looking up. Plus it's FRIDAY. Pant-free Friday. And Madee and Eden are dancing to booty music singing "Dancing in our panties!"

Who doesn't love a 2 year old that will say anything you teach her?

Eden thinks it is hilarious!


Update on the stroller search: We found a used Maclaren Triumph in pristine condition for all of our runabout trips and I am already super happy with it. It's a machine. The handlebars are so comfy and it has serious maneuvering capability. We actually still have my first BabyJogger - its a GOLIATH but whatEVS it can handle trails and sand and so it is a good old standby, and we will be reunited with it soon enough.

The search is over. ::sigh:: Thanks to everybody that helped!

And now that I have a full night's sleep, I am feeling much better than I was yesterday, and am even mustering up some inspiration to be excited for our next move, which for me is a move HOME.

And, since it is summer, we will be doing some hard time at the family's lake house. Yippee! I am so excited for the girls to be at the lake this year. Now that they have each other to play with we are all going to have more fun!

And if you haven't noticed, this baby might break her face smiling for the camera. When the flash starts popping she piles on the charm!
Where have I seen that face before? Hmmmm..... oh yeah here it is.

And that little booger in the background with the breaky face smile is all grown up and GRADUATING TODAY!. HOLY CRAP!

Congratulations, Chelsey! We love you and we are so proud we are breaking our faces smiling over here! We wish we were there today, and can't wait to see you soon!

Have a good weekend, and leave a link with your comment of your favorite breaky face smiling kid!


meagan, the pretend writer said...

omg thats such a cute picture #real talk! i do the same smile when the camera is on and sadly have the same amount of teeth.

Anonymous said...

I am dying over here .. I just wanna give those cheeks a squish! So freakin' cute (I think I say that everyday because it's SO true everyday!)

Anonymous said...

Eden has a lot of Chelsey in her.

BrerMatt said...

When I was a child, I had cute cheeks like that. Vicki Alexanian would always come up to me at church and want to pinch my cheeks. And of course, I would let her, because at church they teach you to listen to your elders and do what they say. And it hurt when she pinched them. And this really sounds like what happened in some Catholic churches that you hear about recently.

So, parents, don't pinch the cheeks of children. Admire them from afar.

And children, don't always blindy trust your elders. They're messed up.

kris said...

LOVE the rubbery chubby-cheeked smiles!

And "Pant-Free Fridays" . . . when we home-schooled last year, my younger daughter made all sorts of plans for "naked home-schooling Mondays."

Plans that never came to fruition.

We did do Jammie Tuesdays, though.

thenextmartha said...

So does she ever not smile? I am jealous. All the pics of my youngest are screaming. Can't wait to hear about your moving adventures.

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