Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Sand Box

I was on OhDeeDoh again, not too long ago, and I came across this no brainer, yet GENIUS idea that has kept my kids quite busy ever since.

We are in Duluth, MN, and to give you and idea of what that means, the temperature in winter here can reach 50 below.

50 below 0.


Like, today is 36 degrees. But it feels like a balmy 24. Sqweee!

Actually, we have been lucky to have some pretty warm days, but they can turn cold real fast. So outdoor toys need to be quick and easy and (Hello, APARTMENT!) portable and easy to clean.


Anyway, back to the box. It is just a long flat under-the-bed box that I was storing some clothes in. And you can get play sand for pretty cheap ($2) at Home Depot or Lowe's. I bought 3 bags so I wouldn't have to go back for awhile, and it has refilled the box several times and lasted at least a month.

Add some sand toys and there ya go.

Super easy and so much fun! Eden is so into feeling textures and just loves to take part of any activity that Madee can do. This is perfect for both of them, and generally they give each other space when they are exposed to fresh air.


And this one eats it by the handzfuls.

"I can haz sand now?"

Cutie Pie with the Buster Brown haircut.
I ferry buckets of water from the bathtub to the front window on warmer days just to mix it up a bit. I can't express to you how much more fun that makes it, but if you can imagine the mess, fun is exponentially increased by that sort of thing.

Seriously, is this face not trubs? She slays me.

Here's to fun and dirt and Earth Day! We are headed to the Home Depot to pick out some flowers and plants to celebrate tomorrow!

Hug a tree, hippie! Kisses!

***This sand and box and a basket of sand toys makes a PERFECT Mother's Day gift for a friend with a toddler! Add a bottle of wine (or 2!) and a bow and BOOYAH! Best Friend Forever!***

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Marcy said...

I made a sandbox just like this for D over the summer. It's worked great... except that after a few too many unsupervised playtimes with it (in our closed-in patio that's totally safe for him to play in while I'm just inside and can hear but not always see what he's doing) the sand has been dispersed all over the patio.


I intend to sweep it up one of these days and re-fill the box with more sand from the 50lb bag that was the smallest one I could find at Home depot.... I'll get around to it one of these days...

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