Friday, April 23, 2010

Looking Back

Some things never change, like our love for chicken wings!

Sometimes I start flipping through our hard drive pictures, and I AM SO HAPPY I AM SUCH A SHUTTERBUG.

Boom Boom and I have had an awesome life together so far, and almost every day seems documented. I can't tell you how happy this dude makes me. And it is none of your business anyway, but seriously, we seem to have covered a LOT of ground since we first met...

The "itis" - you get it so bad, there is just no cure.
Back off ladies, THIS IS ALL MINE!


2006 - met
2007 married

2008 - baby #1
2009 - baby #2
2010 - ? I just don't know yet!

My favorite picture Boom Boom ever took of me...

We have been busy, to say the least. We have changed and grown and in love and in numbers. We have lost a dog together, delivered babies together, stayed up at night crying from the sleeplessness together.

Nothing quite tenderizes a man like than having little girls. He LOVES them. HARD. They make him laugh and cry and scream and smile. (And sometimes they make him drink! STOP CRYING BABIES!)

But mostly, they make him more amazing to me. That he made them, helped me get them here, and he does more Dad duty than ANY GUY I KNOW.

He's not perfect. And I am sure I remind him of that ALL THE TIME. But he is perfect for me. And, well, that is a way harder bill to fill than general perfection.

And if the last 4 years have any indication, then I must be a smartypants, because he is the best thing I ever followed my heart on.

I LOVE YOU BOOM BOOM! Thanks for all the babies and the love!


Anonymous said...

I love you...hard.

Jamie said...

This is so sweet. <3 I got teary eyed. I understand what you mean when you say he's perfect for you. I tell my hubby that all the time.

Adrienne said...

What a sweet post! You have a beautiful family.

Marcy said...

That's so sweet. =) And y'all must truly be meant for each other to go through so many changes so quickly and still be so devoted and happy. Yay love!

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