Thursday, April 22, 2010

When Worlds Collide (in a good way!)

I met most of my friends on the internet.

And there is nothing wrong with that.

In fact, I met Boom Boom on the internet. And look at us now. I started blogging in 2005 on Myspace and he found my blog and fell in love with me. Well, that is how I tell the story, but if he tells you, he might mention some meatloaf sandwiches had a little something-something to do with it.

I mean, I spent many days and nights, trying to find a connection with someone right in front of me, with eye to eye contact, OLD SCHOOL, if you will, and it never fit right. Same thing with my best friend Lisa. I fell in love with her immediately. After we made a date on Myspace.

Anyhoo, one night we had a dinner party in our last house, and everybody started talking and found out that they had all met me on the internet, and even though I did not solicit any of those friendships, there they were.

SOME OF MY OLDEST FRIENDS - I mean, I met Palmer in 1996 or something -yep, you guessed it, through the internet.

And somehow, despite the fact that the internet is HUGE, and our presence there is infinitesimal, connections are made that end up standing the test of time. How COOL IS THAT?

Way cool.

So now that I am on the Twitters, I am making some new friends that I feel I can really relate to, wherever they are. They are moms with screechy kids and blogs in yoga pants with a lot of humor and no one to spend it on in their immediate vicinity, and I can't tell you how happy and complete this makes me feel.

Because motherhood has a tendency to feel very lonely, despite the fact that a mother is never alone. These kids inadvertently keep me hostage and so it is nice to have other moms to vent to, other moms to feel for, and know there is still a "village" out there to help me stay sane while I stay at home with my kids.

The thing about a LOT of these moms is - I can't meet them out for coffee or playdates because they are in Albequerque or some place far away.


But the other night, we were out for adult entertainment - (I mean NO KIDS, not STRIPPERS) for Dawn's birthday, and I met a girl. ::gasp:: She is so pretty and delightful and she is a stay at home mom with girls and ::gasp:: she blogs!

And we are getting it together for a playdate and I am so excited to have these 2 worlds finally collide.


I will let you know how it goes...

Who have YOU met on the internet that you can't imagine life without?


CyberLizard said...

I met my wife old-school (in junior high, no less! Still together after 13 years!) but I've met all my current girlfriends online. All but one through Twitter, come to think of it. Who needs OKCupid when you've got Twitter! ;-)

Wendy said...

I'm pretty sure I met almost all of my good friends over the internet. The ones that don't live near me and I don't see often, I refer to as my imaginary friends.

BrerMatt said...

I thought the internet was for porn.

Marcy said...

I started blogging sometime in 2004 I think, and for a long time it was just an online journal. Then we moved overseas and became "expats" and I started looking through online expat communities and adding my blog to expat websites, and ended up meeting most of my overseas friends via blogging. Sometimes the connection would be coincidental-- there was one gal I met through friends (whom I met via a bloggy friend) and only later did I realize I'd read her blog some several months before.

The expat blog community in Europe is a very tight-knit circle. ; )

Then I became a mom, and it just exploded. I've met a lot fewer of my mom-blog friends in real life, but I still love having them and they were my saving grace in the first months after having Donovan.

Interestingly, since moving back I've been much more careful about listing locations on my blog or whatever for fear of "internet crazies" which is kinda looney in itself. Your post is making me think I should maybe try to find other mom bloggers who live near me and find friends that way... hmmm

BrerMatt said...

I've met people through OKCupid. I'm friends with the ones I never dated. Weird how that works. I don't talk to the ones I did date.

Before I came to Florida, I met people online who were coming to Florida for the same thing. I met them in real life and still talk to lots of them.

I met a lot of people through Lost fandom.

The world has gotten smaller, so there's more chances to connect with people. But it still gets lonely. Weird how that works, too.

meagan, the pretend writer said...

stated perfectly!

Team Scienski said...

Most of my friends I've met in some way through the internet. I'm still shocked that I met my husband in college. SHOCKED I say.
PS: Hi! I recently started following your blog, I will most likely be relocating to a new blog soon, I'll let you know if I do! :)


Adrienne said...

You know what? If I'm not related to you and I don't go to church with you, or you're not my BFF from waaay before the internet was born, yup, we met online.

I met my husband online. We met at, which was very lucky. He was too cheap and I was too broke to pay for the damn thing, but we both happened to be using our one week free trial at the same time. See? A match made in heaven.

Honestly? I don't know WHAT I would do without my ether-people. I'm stuck at home so much of the time because of Carter's special needs, I'd die of loneliness if it wasn't for all the tiny people living in this here machine.

Also? The first week in October every year, Albuquerque hosts the world's largest balloon fiesta. Just, you know, in case you ever need a reason to come to the Q.

Dani Z said...

That is so exciting. I am going to a Mom event this weekend and look forward to making some local connections.

Also, Hubs and I met on the internet. Your post has inspired me to possibly write about it.

Looking forward to hearing how it goes. ;)

Anonymous said...

I may have only met one person on the internet...thank God and fate for that. You have been the most incredible partner a person could wish for. I love you immensely and cannot imagine life without you.

Thanks love

Anonymous said...

My Brother in Law met his wife on the internet.. Still going Strong almost 8 yrs and 3.5 kids later (1 on the way)!

I met a woman that needed an egg donor to have a baby online. I ended up being that egg donor.. I count her as family and cant imagine life without knowing her... The internet is a wonderful thing =)

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