Monday, April 12, 2010

Boob Job

Oh this kid just kills me. She will find any random laundry about the house and try to put it on in ways it just won't fit. I am just stoked that she is interested in dressingherself, because usually she just wants "Madee nekkid MADEE NEKKIIIIID!"

Also, she introduces herself to people,and when they tell her their name , she says Hello.


target lady : how are YOU doing?
madee: ::slaps chest:: MA-DEEE yoo name?
target lady : my name is Ann
madee: oh, HEY ANN!

Oh and yesterday she said goodbye to her friend at the playground, shook his hand, asked for a hug, and they stood there embraced and my eyes welled up.

She is just SO STINKING cute.

She is not just stuffing her face on pancake morning in this picture. In case you aren't looking closely, she has my old bra on and has stuffed it with a boot.

And here she is stuffing her shirt with some grapes. A little bumpy, but the shape is getting a little closer. She spent about 10 minutes in Target today playing with all the pretty bras and saying very loudly "Mommy! Boobies! Mommy PRETTY BOOBIES!"

She makes shopping so much more fun!


Anonymous said...

She is extremely adorable!

LCW said...

So cute and I bet you get a good laugh while browsing the aisles of Target.

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