Thursday, April 1, 2010

10 months

Lawdy Lawdy ya'll. Where on earth does the time go? I mean, it went fast with Madee, but this one - this one has grown up in the blink of a twinkly little eye.

Her cuteness gets lost in the chaos of the house sometimes. I feel bad that she doesn't get all the space in the world to explore since Madee the Guerilla Gestapo is always shutting her down, confiscating fun stuff to play with, dishing out all these rules that apply to her.

And then she grabs a handful of Madee's hair in her kung fu grip and blah blah blah the apocalypse, time outs and back to poops and giggles.

It is about a 3 minute process but feels like about 3 days.

Sister fights are effing nutty.
Lucky girls!
At 10 months, she is crawling like lightening, cruising furniture, scaling stairs and hills and yesterday there was almost a delicious encounter with a dog turd.

Hello, baby. Pink eye much?
Thank GAWD I caught her in time.

Yesterday she ended up in various states of undress, sporting the leopard mini and a bow ala Pebbles Flintstone.
I died 5 times right there.
Seriously, who just channels the Pebs without even knowing who "The Flintstone's" is?
And she's also very BamBam.
Don't get too close.
She will literally beat the crap out of you.

And charm you at the same time.
(She gets that from MY SIDE of the family!)

We went to the gym today for preschool open gym and She was ALL OVER everything. crawling, bouncing, dancing, playing with the other kids, walking around gripping my fingers, and she actually attempted some steps on her own.

Stop growing up!

In related news, I am starting to plan for her 1st birthday.
::frownie::side glance::sniff:: not gonna cry I swear.

I just want it too be super spesh and I would hate for it to sneak up on me like Madee's did.
I die.
It's a good thing my kids are such stinking meanies or I'd be hitting up Boom Boom for another one.

Oh but I know better than that.

Happy Anniversary shout out to my parents! You guys are the cutest!


Anonymous said...

Slow down Eden....Slow down.

Jaime said...

Yummy! She's gorgeous!

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