Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Weird Stuff in Duluth: The 'I WANT THAT' edition

First, a picture we both saw and agreed illustrated US.

He's all: Well helll-LOOOOO!
I'm all: :: side eye:: ::blink blink:: ::side eye again::

Anyhoo, we spent date day playing "tourist" in the Canal Park area of Duluth down by LAke Superior. We saw lots and lots of of expensive stuff, and then we also went into an adorable, quirky toy store that really wasn't all that pricey and an antique store called Father Time's. We didn't end up buying anything but we found lots of fun stuff to take pictures of so let's just go ahead and break a little somethin' off for ya right here.

I love Tractors.
nuff said.
Who doesn't need a teensy weensy sock monkey?
I want to pinch it's teensy cheeks.
Cheeky Teensy Monkey.

I used to have a rad "baby" piano almost just like this. It's all of 2 feet high. I can totally see my darlings banging away at those keys and screeching at the top of their lungs. Like adorable little Mozarts. Or Ted Nugents. Why yes, they are talented. Thank you for noticing!

Oh snap! It's Tate and Jayde! Hey dudes! I would totally buy this for your front stoop, ya'll, but I wasn't allowed to spend money that day! But look! I thought it! That still counts, right?

I absolutely fell in love with this piece. I was all, ""Boom Boom! Sqweeee! Can't you just see pictures of Madee and Eden standing on top of that one part of the dresser and looking in the mirror and spinning around like a little jewelry box girl? I can totally picture it! SQWEEEE! THEY WOULD BE SO CUTE!"

Boom Boom was all,"Calm down, lady. THAT'S CRAZY TALK. Is your uterus acting up again? Maybe you need more coffee."

Seriously. I WANT THAT. HARD.

Where does this little Barbie girl's legs go?
Something just seems wrong here, no?
Is she a Corgi? What gives?

Roll over Paula Deen, or whoever your favorite liscensor of all things kitchy kitchen is, because seriously, how button cute is this? It measures in cups. In increments. It stirs. It's nothing less than pure genius. I want it.

And I want all of this. All of it. I know, you're thinking, that isn't even practical.
Who wants a bunch of pitchers and silicone brushes and ramikins.
But it is so pretty! I would probably make so many more pitcherable items if I had these.
And I would also use the hellout of that gravy boat.
But if I could only have 1, I want the red pitcher.
Ooh wait, no. Green.


Do you know I have a "thing" about dolls? It's part of my "condition". Dolls superfreak me out.

No, not all dolls. But all of these dolls? You betcha. Take a look below. Why is the blonde one on the left so angry looking? Is that appropriate for a child?

Also the Native American one that is all sad right next to her.
These dolls aren't "cute".

They are like the childhood "friends" of psycho serial killers.

I look at these next couple of pictures, and I'm all, "Who was your newborn photographer and do they like zombie movies?"


I like how Boom Boom showed up in the reflection of the first one.

I was pretty convinced that this one was haunted. Like, what was that, Ghostbusters II or III with the cranky oil painting?

::double shiver::
but kinda I want it.

I think it will serve as inspiration for my next newborn shoot.
Hold really still baby.
Look Mad.

More cool random vintage kid toys/tractors.
I want a tractor.

Mi amore. (My what BIG TEETH you have!)

Also a very cool beady necklace-y thing, but waaaaaaaaay too much accessory for me to pull off.

And finally, the one thing I would seriously go back for if I had to choose just one thing.
Dahn dantada...

Oh hai, light.
I am still very much in love with you.
I know, you think I would buy you for my daughters.

Oh but no. They can suck it. You are for me!
Be my lover! Illuminate my general area!
You are so prett-eeeeeeeeeee!

Seriously lamp, crawl into my shirt and let's snuggle.

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