Monday, March 29, 2010

Reclaiming at Least Half the Groove

I didn't get crazy with the haircolor. I seriously considered black and purple ish but I didn't want to look like some old grunge girl.

This isn't about reclaiming my youth, just getting some spring back into my my ever dragging step.

Anyhoo, I picked a color that was just a richer tone of my natch. Loreal, of course. And halfway through applying it I got very nervous.

And after it was done?

Well, I would love to tell you that I walked out of that bathroom and into a world of peace and serenity and mojitos and that the living room was transformed into a pristine jamaican beach land and the kids and the hubs and the dogs had magically turned into hot latino pool boys who couldn't live another second if I didn't have every toe massaged. HEY POOL BOY! FEED MAMA MORE GRAPES!

But, in actuality, none of that happened, but they were all asleep by the time my hair was rinsed, and that was almost as vacation-ey.

And although I would also like to tell you that when I woke up the next morning, the hubs had breakfast made and the kids were quietly playing together, sharing and exchanging with voices that are appropriate for inside, but it was just the same old chaos.

What I CAN tell you, is I spent $9.99 on haircolor, $5.67 on some Mabelline Lash Stiletto, and these glasses? Well I picked them off of the $9 rack at Walmart, and since I already had my prescription, just not my glasses, they cost me a cool $38.45. Topped it all off with some luxurious Maybelline SHINEsensation lipgloss in Cranberry Crave.

The bang trim was free. I did it myself.
And the results?

Just not looking at my stupid gray hairs is a huge improvement for my self esteem.
Now I just need some new clothes (I am thinking sundresses and cardigans) and I could probably stand to shave my legs. And paint my toes.

But no time for that now, I am too busy swatting Boom Boom's grabby hands off my badunkadunk.

Feeling halfway there.


Anonymous said...

I like the new Hot Librarian style

Jaime said...

SO loving that color on you. I was about to go a bit blonder next week but you've motivated me to take it another shade darker.

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