Monday, March 1, 2010

9 Months

Wow. I almost can't believe that somewhere, some other lady has made, grown and had a baby since my last one has been born. CRAZY!

And to commemorate such a joyous birthday type occasion?

She slept through the ENTIRE night.

8:30 - 7:00

You know how you tell people "I love you more every day"? Well, after a night of uninterrupted sleep, I love her twice as much!

Where's Eden?

Are you gonna eat that?

Mouth full of choppers. (4!)

There is a little town outside of the little town we visited this weekend called Eden, WI.

We stopped several times along the way home for pictures. I think I might have to make her a little collage or something...




Looks like they are covered on their G's!
Mommy's little baby is quickly turning into a little girl.

Her increased mobility coupled with the speed of her expanding brain will knock your socks off. She kisses hard, bites hard, pulls hair hard, loves hard, sleeps hard, plays hard - she is already SO MOUNTAIN DEW.

Charlie is excited to have another little athlete on his hands, and I am just glad she will still want to paint her toenails and wear glitter. Madee is glad she has someone to blame broken things and spills on, and the dogs are happy she likes to throw food.

Everybody wins!
Click here to see how cute Madee was at 9 months old!

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Jaime said...

Go Eden! I watched Couple's Retreat last night and the resorts in the movie are called Eden West and Eden East- hee hee. She has a fabulous name!! Happy 9 months :)

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