Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Baby's Dinner : Sweet Potatoes and Bananas

First of all, my little baby Godzilla is sawing logs like a full size man over on the "daybed" which is really just a euphemism for a mattress on the floor in the living room. (I'm Fancy!)

She is SO cute.

She wants food. Like "Hungry Man" sized meals. But she is a baby.
And a lot of times I'm all, "No Baby. No you can't eat that." And she is all, "Too Late. Lady."
Because she only wants it if we are eating it, and no, tasting her food doesn't count - she doesn't want it unless it is what everybody else is having.

But she also has a sensitive little tummy (Ouch!) that makes her SCREAM ALL NIGHT if she eats anything too jazzy so it is kind of a problem.

So check it.

BAM! I know, right?
It's real food.
It's all organic!

apple (diced)
sweet potato (mashed)
rice cereal
a little formula or just water and VIOLA!

I usually gobble it down just as fast as she does and I am pretty sure she notices.

Here's another of her faves...

That rice cereal stuff has Iron in it so she needs it. But who wants to eat it? Bleah. Not me. I think she has also noticed that. So I just whirl it around in whatever I am making her. That last picture is vanilla yogurt, rice cereal, REAL banana, peeled and mashed, and some applesauce.

I can't wait to add spices, but right now we are keeping everything as tasty as bland can get so Tummy doesn't get mad. (We love you, Tummy! Don't hurt Eden!) (And let her (and me! (AND DADDY!)) sleep at night!)

Unh! Those lips! She is poised for a bite-y kiss!

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