Thursday, March 25, 2010

Madee's Pictures this Week

It isn't easy to pry this camera out of her tiny little kung fu grip, but I managed to reason with her for a few minutes.

Yes, reason with (bribe) her. She has all these words and knows how to use them and she is actually starting to listen and wait and consider.

As long as she isn't hungry or tired or feeling smothered by Eden. Because she has taken to biting in those instances if stress happens.

Despite her Bite? bite? bite? NO! NO! NO! training.

Not to mention that is THE LAST THING she needs to be teaching her sharp little puppy toothed sister. Seriously, that one is trying to eat all of us, I don't need her using those things as weapons on purpose.

Without further ado, Madee's world. Pictures taken by Madelyn Van Derven, 2 years and 2 1/2 months old. Some of them have possibly been jacked in the contrast direction by me with my seriously hacky editing skills. IN IRFANVIEW. Surprise surprise. I AM NOT THAT FANCY.

Twisted Sista

Have more coffee Mom.

Faster than the speed of Mom on too much coffee.

Mom poses with cups (for Auntie Em and Mom's BEST FRIEND LISA.

The Artist. In a hat. Yes, just the hat. Taken by Mom. But with Madee's camera.

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