Thursday, March 11, 2010

Weird Stuff in Duluth

So the other day I was driving around the point after the beach with the dogs and girls, and we drove past this, and it caused me to back up and get out with my camera.

And seeing as how I ran over my glasses months ago and haven't replaced them, I had to climb down the rocks a little to get a closer look at it and possibly confirm that it was or was not a human brain.

Freaking creepy random drive by. I can only assume it was maybe an entire cooked turkey just laying on the ice . There are a lot of ducks that congregate there, so perhaps some other kind of birds left it there to intimidate somebody.

Here is the bridge.

Maybe I will start a "bridge picture of the week" post.

Also, I think this street steam is cool. I have never seen it before.

I pointed this out to Charlie and he said "Gross."

He thinks it is poop related.

If you know what is going on here, do tell.


Tate quigley said...

They pump steam from the steam factory ( no lie) to keep the pipes from freezing up in the winter. Some stores are also heated by said steam. The steam factory is that big building on the right when you head into canal park.

Family Sized Fun said...

you're awesome tate.
but that doesn't explain the turkey/brain...
i'm glad it's not poop:)

Tate Quigley said...

Is it a frozen pumpkin that wrinkled up with freezer burn?

Screwed Up Texan said...

OMGosh, I thought it was a brain laying int he snow!

Family Sized Fun said...

i thought it was a brain too - and that just might ruin me for thanksgiving now.
it was DEF a body part - or the whole body

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