Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Madee's First Shot

Madee got a working digital camera for Christmas, and I was all, "Wha? Does that thing actually work? SHE'S NOT EVEN 2."

But she is certainly 2 now, going on too big for her britches, and lately she has been begging for my point and shoot to take her own pictures. She's been running around with this little camera of hers pretending when I won't let her have my camera, so I finally broke down and got out the tiny screwdriver to stick some batteries in it.

It is kind of grainy and reminds me of my phone camera, but I found some interesting stuff when I downloaded her files.


I call it, "Say "cheese" Dad"

Grainy Little Painted Toes

Mama's Hands
Good Job, Kiddo

Madee's Tamera!

She has even been observed walking around the house shouting "TaaaaaaaaaaaaaaMERA! MADEE's TAMERA!" looking for it.

She looks for lost things exactly the same way Charlie does.

Anyway, after going through her first pictures, I gave her "Mommy's TAMERA!" to see what she could do with a flash.

Madee's Living Room

Madee's Sister
And I took this one, but I took it on the settings that Madee switched the camera to.
It took her, what, 2 seconds to do it.

But it took me more like 2 hours to get it back to normal!

Look forward to more of her work!

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