Thursday, March 18, 2010

The UAFYNSIL* Nursery Project

I don't know if there are any babies left inside me wanting to come out. In fact with the two that escaped my uterus, I don't even have the energy to think about it. Plus we fit in the four seater roller coaster cars, and you can always find a 4 top at a restaurant, so that just sounds like smart family planning!

What I DO know, is that there are SO MANY nurseries and kid's rooms left in there, so I have decided to exact my designing will on others, beginning with my sister-in-law, Jessica.

We are excited to expect the first born son of this next generation of VDs after 3 girls in a row, and I am just up in the air with twinklytoes at the thought of going through (her) pregnancy without personally feeling any of the sleeplessness/barfing/indigestion/swollenness or that pesky "baby birthing" experience. I won't even get into the HEMORRHOIDS. Oh, did I just write that? How awkward.

A week or so ago I began tackling his nursery (in my head) and started sending my ideas to Jess (unsolicited), of course being polite enough to mention that she could totally tell me to 'can it' if I was overdoing it.

Luckily she likes my ideas and wants to keep them coming.

We are also going to try a couple of DIY projects to pull it all together in the end.

And hey, I LIKE Y'ALLS IDEAS so keep those coming, too. We also would love suggestions for names, too, although I am pushing the name Mason like it is 2 days past its expiration date.

Here is part of an email I sent her today - she is feeling the blues and browns, and loving zoo animals for a theme...

i love this rug
i like this one better
they have similar ones at target

i love these prints she has on the wall
i also LOVE LOVE LOVE this letter display
but you would know that
i collect letters!

There you have it - sure it is an ugly start, (I mean my post, not the room) but it should get the ball rolling. I await the before pictures, but I really wanted to get this out there before we really "start" anything so that I can also gather suggestions.

What is it about your nursery that you LOVED? And what did you NEVER use? If you had it to do again, what would YOU do different?

*UAFYNSIL = Unsolicited Advice from Your Nosy Sister in Law!

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