Friday, March 12, 2010

Color Muffins

Well, that is what my 2 year old calls them.

Do you have lots of old crayons and crayon pieces collecting in an old formula can? I thought so! Who doesn't?

Despite my struggle with keeping crayons at their best, my little ones are constantly eating or breaking them - especially the skinny ones. Heck, I find that my intensity during coloring time tends to wear them out also, so when it becomes a "choking hazard" for the little one, we throw them in a bin for later.

And yesterday, a rainy day, later came.

Here's what you need:

old crayons
muffin cups
muffin tin

seems pretty simple so far, right?

Okay, break up your crayons into color families, and start cutting them into smaller pieces in the muffin cups.

I like to fill the muffin cups about half way.

I also like to use color families - Crayola already makes plain yellow or orange - I decided to make colors like "sunset" and "thunder clouds" and "ocean" that blend by themselves. DO IT YOUR OWN WAY!

You can keep the muffin cups in a tin, or you can go all organica and free for all and let them find their shape with a baking sheet.

I have a lot of things going on and sometimes forget things are in the oven, so I kept it low and slow, baby.

220 degrees.

Around 10 minutes.

Right here is where I would have sprinkled them with glitter if I could find it. We have a thing going with glitter lately so we are fresh out.


I noticed that different colors seemed to melt faster or slower - I don't know if that is a difference in brand or color or shape or size, or if it was my oven. I gave some of them a swirl with a popsicle stick to mix it up a little.

Fresh out of the want to let them cool for a while - feel free to throw them in the fridge if you are impatient, but just don't pick them up!

I noticed that some wax leaked onto the baking sheet. I threw it back in the oven and wiped it all off with a paper towel. It came right off.

So, once they are cooled you just want to pop them out and enjoy! (Don't eat them even thought they look delicious!)

Or, get a fancy bakery type box and put them in, muffin cups and all. Add ribbon and you have a super cute, colorful and virtually free present for a 2 year old!

A beautiful project for making more beautiful projects...

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