Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Baby's Dinner : Butternut Squash

I've been cooking since I was 11. I am not a food professional in any way, but I rarely have complaints and people usually eat anything I make, even if it is meatloaf. (Who am I kidding, especially if it's meatloaf!)

I cook my family dinner all the time and I rarely use the microwave, even for leftovers. I love food. Food is love. If I love you, I will feed you. NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE.

My whole family loves food. Especially Eden.

She wants to eat anything we are eating, and I want her to eat our yummy stuff, too. I think sometimes parents over-think the homemade baby food concept, and I have some easy recipes.

Tonight she had :

a few slices of butternut squash, baked until soft ( or microwaved! whatever!)
a spoon or two of organic vanilla yogurt
a splash of orange juice (or applesauce if your little one doesn't do citrus well)
a shake or two of organic rice cereal

I just smush the squash with a fork and mix it all together, using the rice cereal and orange juice to get it the consistency she likes. She hasn't turned down any of my baby food yet!

You can make a bunch and put it into ice trays to freeze, or you can feed the rest to your husband or toddler. I usually can't get her through a bowl without a spoonful or two for myself.

Seriously, it's THAT yummy.

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