Monday, March 8, 2010

The Ice is Melting

This is Lake Superior. There is a sheet of ice that goes out into the lake for like 100 yards or so, and you can throw rocks on it and watch them slide off into the deep at the end. Alot of the snow and ice has melted, and it leaves beds of lake rocks that were washed up and frozen on the shore during winter storms, buried under the resultant ice and snow, waiting for us to rake through them and pick out Lake Superior agates.

We found 3 of them the other day.

The ice cracks and moves and forms these 'window panes' that just stack in strange terrain patterns and lead out to the water.

If you stand on the edge of the shore and stay very quiet you can hear the ice moving and cracking. Zeus ran out on the ice, and we were pretty nervous for him. No, he isn't the brightest, but he makes up for it in luck, I guess. Ono would NEVER. Ono knows better.

We have a new intern here at Family Sized Fun, and although she hasn't been with us long, we are super excited about her. Most importantly, the kids like her, so we can get away and talk grown up stuff over grown up meals in grown up restaurants.

Not that we act like grown ups once we are there...

We went to a killer brunch and it was complete with fancy slick-haired waiter, yummy mimosas and a stuffy Sunday crowd. I dressed up from the make up to the heels, and despite how good I clean up, I still make a scene wherever I go. I mean, it is like when I know that we are at a nice place where decorum is expected, I just lose it.

In fact, the more proper and polite and graceful I try to be, the sooner I get an attack of the Jerry Lewis Syndrome and fumble with my silverware, flick my spoon off the table with my water glass or drop food and kick it under the buffet table - and all of this BEFORE THE MIMOSAS.

I'm pretty sure that's what keeps the flame so hot.

Well, that and doing it in the car.

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