Monday, March 15, 2010

What about US, Mom?

Sure she's like, 13 pounds. But that is 13 pounds full of sass. And she is smarter than YOU. All the humans in the world using 3 percent of their huge brain would marvel at the percentage of brain used in this acorn sized noggin.

Yes, Ono will blow your mind.

Ono she's SO cute!

That's how she got her name.

She's a purebred long haired pir-hana. Just try to clip her nails, SHE WILL EAT YOU ALIVE.
Don't even try to grab that bone if you want to keep all of your fingers.

Just ask Neener what happens when you get too close!

Just kidding!

Ono is the sweetest and she TOTALLY SELLS small dogs to the big dog crowd. Everybody wants to know what Ono is, and if she happens past you on the beach or at the park, she will wiggle and snuggle you into a fantastic mood because THAT IS HER JOB!

She is kind of a big deal, in fact, so much so, that I have a friend who contacted her breeder in Iowa and got a sibling!

Ono delivers.

This is Zoose.

Zoose enjoys long walks on the beach, big hearty sticks, frisbees and balls. He lives every waking moment for that moment when food hits the floor. He pretends he is deaf and stupid but he is neither.

He WILL run off and wander if given the chance. But he always comes back happy. He will drive you crazy barking like a crazy dog at anything and everything that moves when he is in the car. He also barks if he even suspects that someone or something is within 300 feet of the door.

He is loud.
His love is loud.
He just wants you to say "Hi buddy."

He will put this mug in your lap and weigh you down will all the love in the world.

If given the chance he will eat your trash.

He has been known to eat poop. And then give you kisses. Ewww!

He is 12 1/2 and acts like he's 3. He runs 5 miles like it's nothing. He loves you even when you yell at him. He ignores you when you yell for him. Charlie had him when we got together, and he loved me like crazy (and drove me crazy!) when I was pregnant (both times!), but he is Eden's dog.

Like he was just waiting for her to get here all along.

And a very special introduction for:
Ms. Lady
We don't know much about her yet, but Madee has figured out that "Ms Laaaaaaaaady, MIZZZ LAAAADY! MADEES MIZZZZZZZZZZ LAAAAAAAAAAAAAADY!" does not bring her running like the other pets.

And she isn't all too keen on snuggling, either.

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